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Toddler 2's Curriculum

During this stage, children also increase their command over language. They will likely understand far more language than they can produce, but for many toddlers, this time is one of rapid expressive vocabulary development as well. As you dig into new topics of exploration with your children, be sure to build your own background knowledge accordingly so you can provide them with the new language and information they are so excited to have. Your continued attention to talking with your children and responding to all of their language use remains important during this time.

Traditional uses the DOE 24-36 months Connections as well as the Creative Curriculum and Teaching strategies gold to assess and help students reach their milestones. from 24-36 months children may seem to be experts in some areas, and still have much to learn in other areas. This dichotomy can make for a fun, exciting, and eventful year!

During this year of life children are often thirsty for new information and may seem to pick up tidbits of knowledge about an assortment of topics, especially topics they find interesting. For example, you may hear a two year old chatting about a vehicle using technical language typical of a mechanic. To foster this thirst for information, the activities in this third and final piece of the Connections curriculum are structured around very concrete ideas that lend themselves well to learning new knowledge and specific information. As you dig into these big ideas with your children, note what they find most interesting and tailor the experiences you facilitate accordingly.



Our 2's incorporates DOE's 24-36 explorations. 


Our 3-K for all curriculum uses DOE's explorations and creative curriculum


Our Pre-K program uses the creative curriculum and DOE units of study

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