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PreK For All

We also incorporate the Creative Curriculum, and Teaching strategies Gold to our curriculum to ensure students receive a quality education.

Our pre-k For All curriculum not only follows DOE common core but also it's Units of Study. Our Programs here at TC fosters the holistic child by ensuring that they have the academic tools to reach the next steps as they grow.

This Pre-k For All interdisciplinary study ensures all lessons and activities support the comprehensive state pre-K learning standards and guiding principles, known as the Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core (PKFCC). The PKFCC standards are a comprehensive description of skills and knowledge that children should work towards with “increasing awareness and competence” (PKFCC p. 14) throughout the year. The NYC Pre-K Learning Goals (LGs) provide a summary of skills and knowledge children should develop by the end of the year based on the standards. Each unit incorporates focus standards from the PKFCC and Learning Goals (LGs). Although each unit emphasizes certain standards, children will continue to develop in all areas at varying rates.


Early Learn

Our infant/toddler program focuses on ELOF goals.


Our 2's incorporates DOE's 24-36 explorations. 


Our 3-K for all curriculum uses DOE's explorations and creative curriculum


Our Pre-K program uses the creative curriculum and DOE units of study

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