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About Creative Programing


ArtsOur introductory Art program at Traditional Centers provides students with the ability to explore the basic forms of Art. Students from 2-5 learn different ways of painting and expressing themselves. We provide a safe and toxic free environment with individual art packets. In each class students will explore canvas, water, collage, history, creative expression, problem solving, and individuality.  Each student's self-expression is celebrated and posted for parents to see.  


Music/ Dance: Our Music and Dance program explores the holistic child through movement and different genres of music. Students will gain the opportunity to explore various musical instruments and different dancing styles. Students learn through their senses. Our music/dance teacher works with each student to ensure all students enjoy and learn in each class. Music is extended to our 2’s 3k and pre-k for all programs.  

 Spanish Immersion Program
At Traditional we believe in exploring different languages and so we are excited to offer our very first Spanish Immersion program that will start this FALL!!! Our Spanish program will be in our Toddler class, 2's, 3k and Pre-k For All classrooms. Our spanish program focuses on literacy, reading and writing for the older grades. Each Student will be given a level and parents will be updated on level progression throughout the school year. Our Spanish Immersion program will not only teach students about a different language but also teach students about different cultures.  

Yoga & Meditation: 

Our New yoga curriculum focuses on the importance of mindfulness, cognitive development and body awareness. Students will practice stretching, flexibility, concentration and strengthening gross motor muscles. 


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