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3K For All

Teaching staff should refer to the ELOF and their authentic assessment system when implementing Explorations in order to connect their observations of each child with ELOF goals, developmental progressions and indicators, and to guide their planning as they work to meet the needs of each child in the class.


We also incorporate the Creative Curriculum, and Teaching strategies Gold to our curriculum to ensure students receive a quality education.

At Traditional Centers we believe to ensure proper alignment with our public school starts with giving our students the same education as their public school counterparts. Hence the reason we apply the New York City 3-K for All Interdisciplinary Explorations to our program.

This curriculum is designed to connect children, families and teaching staff and invite them to engage in comprehensive, in- depth, play-based learning across domains. The three Explorations are designed to be implemented over the course of the ten-month program year. Topics and activities in the Explorations begin with routines and learning about the classroom and progress to more abstract ideas throughout the year. Explorations are grounded in research on developmental expectations as described in the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five (ELOF), which outlines the skills, behaviors and concepts programs foster as they engage with our youngest learners. By using the three Explorations as written, programs will support all of the preschool goals included in the framework.


Early Learn

Our infant/toddler program focuses on ELOF goals.


Our 2's incorporates DOE's 24-36 explorations. 


Our 3-K for all curriculum uses DOE's explorations and creative curriculum


Our Pre-K program uses the creative curriculum and DOE units of study

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